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Skidmore College
Post Office

Internal Distribution

Sorting internal mail

To ensure timely distribution, information being sent to the Skidmore Post Office general distribution list or to several individuals must meet the following criteria:

Student distributions

  • Bundles must be in order of mailbox number and bound by rubber bands
  • Each distribution requires a completed distribution sheet, including the total number of pieces.

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Faculty, staff and administrative distributions

  • Bundles must be grouped by department and bound by rubber bands, or they will be returned.
  • Each distribution requires a completed distribution sheet, including total number of pieces

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General Distribution Guidelines

  • Distributions must be in the Skidmore Post Office 48 hours prior to the deadline for getting materials into mailboxes. 
  • Distributions should be no smaller than 3 1/2" x 5" or larger than 9" x 12".
  • If distributions are individually addressed, please send them in alphabetical order. If the distribution is going to students, make sure the students are here, spell their names correctly, and include their mailbox number and class year.
  • Fliers and special notices must be signed and dated by the person responsible. Unless an event is specifically sponsored by a recognized SGA club or organization, flyers or notices advertising an event at a downtown establishment will not be distributed. Club or organization sponsorship must be noted within the flyer.
  • Any questionnaire to be circulated to the college community must be headed by a statement of its purpose and sponsorship, the name of the class, committee, department, office or organization responsible for it, as well as the name and signature of the individual circulating it.
  • Chain letters may not be distributed through intra-college mail. They are illegal and will be disposed of if found in the intra-college mail drop.