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Skidmore College
Post Office

Internal Mail Pickup and Delivery

Mail Pickup and Delivery

Administrative offices receive delivery once a day. At that time, the outgoing mail will also be picked up. To help facilitate getting your mail processed in a timely fashion, we ask that your outgoing mail be prepared as follows:

  • Please have all mail facing in the same direction.
  • Please have the flaps up if they have to be sealed.
  • Separate your outgoing meter mail as follows:
    • domestic (within the U.S.)
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • all other foreign mail
  • Keep inter-campus and outgoing stamped mail separate from metered mail.
  • Please separate all mail requiring special service (i.e. Certified, Insured, Registered, Overnight, etc.).
  • Please make sure your department name is on the envelope. We use this information if a question arises concerning that particular piece of mail.
  • Please write legibly to avoid delays in your mail delivery.
  • Letters to students need to have a class year and mailbox number.
  • Letters to faculty, administrators or staff need the recipient's department.
  • If your department uses more than one account number, please be sure to attach the appropriate Record of Mailing and Postage Allocated form indicating which account the postage is to be charged to.
  • International mail over 16 ounces or sent express requires an online customs form.

Internal Distribution Form