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Skidmore College

Communities in Conflict

Initial goals

  1. Focus on programming and efforts that seek to address anti-Asian violence, the U.S./Mexican border and issues of migration, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. 
  2. Partner with student and faculty groups to bring prominent speakers, cultural figures, intellectuals, and artists to our campus community. 
  3. Facilitate discussion, debate, and understanding about these issues and determine steps that can be taken to address and reduce challenges. 
  4. Infuse all programming with the commitment to peace, justice, and open discussion that defines the Racial Justice Initiative. 
Key Progress Efforts in Motion
Palestinian and Israeli peace activists engaged in a dialogue in fall 2021 during the program “Two Truths in One Heart; Two Peoples in One Land,” part of a series of ongoing conversations on campus about the Israeli-Palestinian issue.  This conflict is centuries old and continues to challenge communities today, including the Skidmore community. We will continue to seek programming, speakers, initiatives, and other opportunities to learn more about this conflict and encourage understanding and, where possible, resolution. 

A symposium on the lived experience of different nationalities in the U.S. emerging from the border crisis will be undertaken in the spring. 

Progress on the crucial issues of the U.S./Mexico border and questions of immigration and the expansion of Latinx culture in the U.S. was limited in 2021-22.  This may well be one of the most pressing issues in the U.S. and certainly at Skidmore, and we are committed to producing programming and understanding/education efforts in the coming year. 
Anti-Asian violence is a theme we have pursued in theater productions, lectures, and other programs. President Conner committed significant funding to the Asian Cultural Awareness club in 2021-22 to support cultural programming. Those funds have been allocated now to overarching OSDP programming for the coming year to support initiatives that are consonant with the Racial Justice Initiative.