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The Chinese Program

Skidmore Multimedia Chinese Teaching System

Great WallWelcome to the Skidmore Multimedia Chinese Teaching System (SMCTS). This is a computer-based multimedia curriculum to supplement first- and second-year Chinese language instruction at Skidmore College.

SMCTS is an ongoing project and is developed by the Chinese program at the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Skidmore, with the support of a summer technical innovative grant from Skidmore College.

The emphasis of the Skidmore Multimedia Chinese Teaching System is on lively interaction, and the focus is on the most frequently encountered and most widely used patterns. The content and structure of the system follow the patterns of the Integrated Chinese Workbooks published by the Cheng and Tsui Company in 2005.

The purpose of the first phase of this project is to design a set of online quizzes for elementary and intermediate levels, which will provide students with a substantial amount of practice in reading, listening, and comprehensive drills in grammar and vocabulary. Based on the results of the first phase, we will be developing similar systems for the higher levels.

We hope that this system will help students studying Chinese as a second language at Skidmore in their goal to master the Chinese language.    

Integrated Chinese
Level I Part I
Copyright ©George Q. Zhao 2008

Integrated Chinese
Level I Part II
Copyright ©George Q. Zhao 2008