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Skidmore College

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Financial Aid, Tuition and Scholarships

While Skidmore students and their families assume primary responsibility for their educational costs, the Financial Aid Office will work closely with students and their parents to develop financial aid packages and/or financing plans. We encourage all incoming students and families to use the resources of the Financial Aid Office.

On average, nearly half of Skidmore students received some form of financial assistance. Most of the financial assistance at Skidmore is awarded on the basis of demonstrated need and is provided through a student-aid "package" that usually includes a grant, a campus job and a loan. Student aid funds come from a variety of sources, including Skidmore's own need-based grants and scholarships, as well as federal, state and independent programs.

Please explore the links on the right to learn more about the cost of tuition at Skidmore, Financial Aid Office services at Skidmore and the merit scholarships offered.