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Skidmore College

Diversity and Access

We believe that diversity is an essential component of a rich, meaningful educational experience, and that access to an exceptional liberal arts education can be life changing. In turn, diversity and access are more than words here, they are values in action.  

At Skidmore College ...

Our holistic admissions process strives to attract, admit, and welcome students of many backgrounds and experiences, and our need-based financial aid model seeks to foster equity and inclusion.  

Here, you’ll find faculty, staff, and peers committed to learning from, listening to, and respecting individual – and intersecting – identities based on varying sociocultural characteristics and a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. These encompass, but are by no means limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, and intellectual diversity.  Learn more about diversity at Skidmore


Everything we do at Skidmore is driven by our belief that Creative Thought Matters. It’s an inherently inclusive philosophy, but it takes work and vulnerability; exposure to different points of view is one of the most challenging but profound ways to expand – and inspire – our own. Far from perfect, but always evolving, we’ve been at this work for over a century because we know that diversity, access, and creativity have the power to foster trust, growth, and true belonging.  

Supporting a diverse student community

The Skidmore Office of Admissions supports our community’s commitment to all the above through the following:

  • Our need-based financial aid philosophy
  • Our no-hassle application fee waiver policy
  • Our test-optional policy
  • Our commitment to welcoming and supporting undocumented students regardless of citizenship status
  • Our Discovery Tour Program, which provides travel assistance for accepted students  
  • Our Opportunity Program, which attracts and supports students from New York admitted through the state’s Higher Education Opportunity Program and students recruited through Skidmore’s Academic Opportunity Program who live outside of New York and/or have a family income that slightly exceeds HEOP guidelines.  
  • Our holistic application review that takes into consideration multiple, intersecting factors — academic, nonacademic, and contextual and respects the personal narratives of all students, honors their lived experiences, and values the distinct worldview that comes from their circumstances of culture and community. 

After Admissions  

These commitments don’t end after students enroll. We also strive to provide the critical programs and structures needed to support student success, in all its forms.  

  • Office of Student Diversity Programs  
  • Office of Religious and Spiritual Life  
  • Tutoring and academic counseling
  • International student advising
  • Disability and Accessibility Services
  • Funding for summer internships and research 
  • ADA Commission
  • African Heritage Awareness Club 
  • Asian Cultural Awareness Club
  • BARE Sex Forum
  • Chinese Cultural Club
  • Christian Fellowship 
  • Council for Inclusion and Outreach 
  • Gospel choir 
  • Hayat 
  • Health Image Power and Success (positive body and self-image club) 
  • Hillel 
  • International Student Union 
  • Muslim Student Association 
  • Newman Club 
  • Pride Alliance 
  • Raices 
  • Skidmore Democrats 
  • Skidmore Republicans 
  • Ujima