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Skidmore College
Art History Department

Prize Recipients


bannerEstablished by Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Eigen and by the College on the recommendation of the Department of Art History to an outstanding Art History major. Awarded to a senior whose academic and co-curricular record demonstrates an exceptionally varied range of notable achievements related to the major.


2024    Lila Saunders
2023    Eve K. Kreshtool
2022    Elizabeth Anne Cumbo
2021    Julia Katharine Lawless
2020    Yuwen Jiang
2019    Monica D. Andrews
2018    Helena Meier
2017    Olivia Tyson
2016    Bailey Threatt
2015    Allison Jeanette Green
2014    Layla Durrani
2013    Hilary Knecht
2012    Bryn Schockmel
2011    Hillary Reder
2010    Frances Gubler
2009    Heather Gilchrist
2008    Rebecca Perry, Meredith Mowder
2007    Sarah Mintz
2006    Caitline Hinz
2005    Diane Woodin
2004    Rebecca Pristoop
2003    Stephanie Green
2002    Sarah Rubin
2001    Anna Piperato
2000    Hillary Shugrue
1999    Abigail Guay
1998    Elizabeth Clemen
1997    Tala Klinck
1996    Jonathan Kauffman


Awarded by the Department of Art History to a student who completes an outstanding project in an Art History course. Nominees may be from any class year and do not need to be Art History majors. The deadline for project submission is in late March or early April. Completed projects are preferable; those still in progress should be nearing final form. Winners are encouraged to present their projects at Academic Festival.


2024:    Sophia Mehta
              "At Home and in the Museum: The Journeys of Two Patara"

2023:   Sasha M. Fishstein
            "Resisting the Wheels of Modernity?
             A Critical Study of Mingei Theory From the 1920s to the 2020s"

2022:   Julia Helen Smith
             "The Ethics of Altering Vintage and Antique Items"

2021:   Zhoutong Han
            "Panda Unexpressed"

2020:   Alicia Sandoval Vadillo
             “Re-Thinking Ana Mendieta: 
             Essentialism, Liminality, and Performance”

2019:   No prize awarded 

2018:   Laila Morgan
            "The Pregnant, Birthing, and Postpartum Body 
            in Modern and Contemporary Art"

2017:   No prize awarded.

2016:   Mary Cleary
           “Fabricating an Image: How Mary Stuart, Isabella d’Este, and Other
            Women of the Renaissance Used Dress to Assert Agency”

2015:   Grace Aretsky
             "A Fate Worse than Death: Dynamics of Disclosure in the
             Art of the AIDS Crisis" 

2014:   Colleen Hochberger
             "Art, Law and Power"

2013:   Kathryn Moynihan
             "An Introductory Unit to Lakota Beadwork: Usage,
             Importance, and Changing Perceptions Over the Past
             Two Hundred Years"

2012   Hannah Kagan-Moore
           "Portrait of the King:  Gabrielle d'Estrees and One of Her
           Sisters, the Duchesse d'Villars, in the Bath as Self-
           Fashioning at Sixteenth-Century Fontainebleu"

2011    David Serotte
            "Sugarcoated Subversion:  Drag and Disindentification
            In Kalup Linzy's Lollypop"

2010    Linnea Kniaz
            "Josef Alber's Photographs:  A Contradictory
             Representation of Bauhaus Architectural Ideals"     

2009   Emily Schenkein
           "Penetrating Gazes:  The Paradox of Andreas 
            Vesalius's De Humani Corporis Farbica"

2008   Emily Jones
           "The Other Side of the Tracks:  Twentieth-Century
            Urban Planning and Pittsburgh's North Side"

2007   Laura Beshears
           "The Politics of Pain: Meanings of Masochism in
            Contemporary Chinese Art"

2006    Caitlin Woolsey

2005   Christina Bruno
           "Appease, Defeat, Adore:  Interpreting Sanchi Stupa 2"

2004   No prize awarded.

2003   Molly Porter
           "Images of a Queen:  The Adaptive Iconography of
            Elizabeth 1"

2002   Elisabeth Manzi
           "Ernest Fenollosa and Arthur Wesley Dow:
           Orientialists Ahead of Their Time"

2001   Ruth Battaglia
           "Transforming Mariana:  John Everett Millais, 
           Tennyson, and the Victorian Woman"

2000   Laura Burns

1999    Ben Affleck

1998    Lauren Knopf
           "My Sole Negation"

1997    Emily Greenwood

1996    Sarah Boyd