Bias Response Group

Student Resources

The following resources are available to help students who believe they have been a victim of or a witness to a bias incident.

Dean of Students and VP for Student Affairs
Gail Cummings-Danson, Interim Dean of Students and VP for Student Affairs
518.580.5760 (ext. 5760)

Campus Safety
Dennis Conway, Director
518.580.5566 (ext. 5566)
Campus Safety is available 24/7.

Student Diversity Programs
Silven Chan, Assistant Director
518.580.8213 (ext. 8213)

Counseling Center
Julia Routbort, Director
518.580.5550 (ext. 5550)

Health Services
Patty Bosen, Director of Clinical Services
518.580.5555 (ext. 5555)

Human Resources
Herb Crossman, Assistant Director of EEO and Workforce Diversity
518.580.5819 (ext. 5819)

Campus Life
Mariel Martin,  Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Campus Life
518.580.8212 (ext. 8212)

Residential Life
Ann Marie Przywara, Director of Residential Life
518.5805765 (ext. 5765)

Student Academic Services
Jamin Totino, Director
Darren Drabek, International Student Coordinator
518.580.8150 (ext. 8150)