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Skidmore College
Bursar's Office

Student Health Insurance

Skidmore College requires that all students are covered by health insurance.  We require all students to go through an enrollment/waiver process annually to confirm coverage.  This process is separate from any documentation you may have submitted to Health Services or Athletics.

Things to consider when deciding to enroll or waive the student health insurance:

Does your current insurance plan cover the student in while they are in Saratoga Springs for non-urgent care?

Does your current insurance plan cover your student for mental health services or physical therapy in Saratoga Springs?

All students can be seen at Heath Services at no cost regardless of what insurance plan they have.  However, depending on what service is performed there may be a cost that needs to be covered by insurance.  An example of this is if a lab test is done we would need to send that lab work out for analysis (to Saratoga Hospital) so your insurance will be billed.  Will your insurance cover that cost or will it become your responsibility?  Does your insurance cover prescriptions that are not written by a primary care provider? 

Another thing to consider is the cost.  If your student is the only child on your health plan it may be more cost effective to remove them from your plan to drop down from a family plan to a single or dual coverage plan and enroll the student in the student health insurance plan.

It is important to have a conversation with your insurance company to verify what is and is not covered while your student is at Skidmore College so you can make an informed decision about enrolling or waiving the coverage.

Skidmore's student health insurance plan is through CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan).

  • Coverage starts September 1, 2022 and ends August 31, 2023
  • Annual coverage $3,032 (annual rate $2,914.92 / administrative fee $117.08)
  • If you are required by the College to arrive earlier than 9/1/2022, please contact the Bursar's Office.

You can review the CDPHP plan benefit summary for Skidmore College.

CDPHP provides a student health insurance resource page at CDPHP General Information

Information regarding Skidmore College Health Services can be found at:  Health Services

Once you have made your decision click on the appropriate link to complete the required form:



Deadline for completing the waiver/enrollment is August 1st.*

*All students that do not show proof of health insurance coverage by completing a waiver form by August 1, 2022 will be enrolled in the CDPHP insurance plan and assessed a fee of $3,032 for annual coverage.