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Career Advisor Network

Those still deciding may be interested in exploring:

  • Online career assessments and counselor interpretations
  • Exploring jobs and industries, job shadowing, gaining experience on-campus
  • Relating majors to careers and weighing pro/cons of industries
  • Transitioning resumes into collegiate formats


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Here are some ways to GAIN experience, in order to GET more experience:

  • Join a club or on-campus organization
  • Get a job on-campus, volunteer, or job-shadow
  • Select your courses wisely, and consider them as professional experiences

crooked mile

PERSPECTIVES from the Class of 2009

Sometimes, we think it will be a fast, seamless journey to our goals. Life usually has other plans for our career development. Alumni from the Class of 2009 have shared their stories, demonstrating how sometimes a more scenic (and surprising) route can lead to professional fulfillment. 

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Community Contact: Megan Jackson
Counselor for Students Still Deciding
Located in Starbuck Center