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Career Development Center

Class of 2024 Post-Grad Plans Survey

We want to know all about your post-graduation plans.

Whether you're stepping into the workforce, starting an advanced degree, or exploring other opportunities, we want to hear about it.  By sharing your post-grad journey with us, you're not only helping us assess our performance and maintain accreditation, but your plans also give us a glimpse into the impact of a Skidmore education. 

Information shared here will be aggregated and anonymized in our First Destinations Report, coming your way in February 2025. In the final question, you will be asked to specify your preferences on whether you're comfortable with your name and responses being shared publicly.

Thank you for sharing your plans with us.

Which of the following BEST describes your PRIMARY status after graduation? Please select only ONE of the following categories:


If you are beginning work please provide the following details.


If you will be attending graduate school in Fall 2024, please provide the following details.


If you’re pursuing a different path than employment or graduate school, please let us know. Traveling, gap years, summer classes, volunteering, and more are all important information for us.