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Skidmore College
Center for Leadership, Teaching and Learning (CLTL)

Leadership, Teaching and Learning

Pedagogies during the pandemic

Partnering with faculty, staff, and students to promote inclusive excellence

About CLTL

About CLTL

In accordance with our liberal arts mission, Skidmore College’s Center for Leadership, Teaching, and Learning (CLTL) partners with faculty, staff, and students on campus to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning through inclusive, evidence-based, and student-centered practices.

Mission & history

Featured faculty/staff

Programs and Goals

Programs and Goals

  • support faculty research and creative work;
  • support staff access to professional development opportunities;
  • further the creativity, collaboration, and professional renewal* among faculty at all stages of their teaching careers as they develop, refine, and reflect on their own distinctive practices;
  • stimulate honest exchange of ideas about differing pedagogical practices and related student-learning outcomes;
  • center diversity and inclusion principles as integral to best teaching practices; and
  • encourage the evaluation and assessment of newly adopted approaches to teaching and learning.


Student Voices

What does effective teaching look like to you?

Effective teaching is the encouragement of students in a safe space. It is being aware of visual, spatial, and auditory differences as well as individualistic styles of learning. It is also enabling students to crave a desire to grow and be challenged by a course’s material. When students feel both comfortable and passionate in an environment with a figure who does not abuse their power in the space, effective teaching is at play.

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October 16
Faculty Roundtable on In-Person Teaching
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