Center for Leadership, Teaching, and Learning (CLTL)

About the CLTL


In accordance with our liberal arts mission, Skidmore College’s Center for Leadership, Teaching, and Learning (CLTL) partners with faculty, staff, and students on campus to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning through inclusive, evidence-based, and student-centered practices. 

Through its programs, the center aims to

*Inspired by the St. Lawrence University CLT

Note on Budget: In the past, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant provided significant resources to the CLTL. As this grant ended in August 2017, the CLTL budget is much more modest and resources will be allocated based on the shifting mission of the Center. Please contact your respective departments/units on campus or the Dean of Faculty’s Office for funding requests. 




Kristie A. Ford
Kristie A. Ford

Kristie A. Ford

Kristie A. Ford is professor of sociology and director of the Center for Leadership, Teaching, and Learning (CLTL) at Skidmore College. She received her B.A. in sociology from Amherst College and her M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Her research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and social justice education.

More specifically, Professor Ford explores the connections between race, intersecting social identities, and the body in various arenas, using diverse approaches. In three such projects she examines these issues in relation to: 1) women of color faculty experiences in academia, 2) intergroup interactions in peer-facilitated service-learning and social justice courses, and 3) appearance ideals in the Black community.

Professor Ford’s courses, including "Femininities & Masculinities," "Race and Power," and "Sociology of the Body," reflect these scholarly interests, as do her service commitments, which include the development of the Black Faculty and Staff Group and Intergroup Relations Program at Skidmore.

Ford has received several honors for her work, including the President's Award at Skidmore College, the NAACP Community Service Award, and the Regional Leadership Council on Inclusion Award.


Grace Burton
Grace Burton

Grace Burton
Senior Faculty member

Grace Burton, associate professor of Spanish, has been appointed to a newly created position of senior faculty mentor. The senior faculty mentor will be affiliated with the CLTL and work collaboratively with the director on select initiatives including the development and implementation of the teaching observation policy.