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Skidmore College
Center for Leadership, Teaching and Learning (CLTL)

Scholarly and Creative Endeavors Work Group

Purpose and Structure

The goal of the Scholarly and Creative Endeavors (SCE) Work Group is to create a supportive community of scholars/practitioners through the sharing of writing, research, and creative portfolios. Depending upon the needs of the participants, this group engages with a range of topics including, but not limited, to discussing scholarship and creative work at various stages of the process, successes and challenges in the classroom, leadership opportunities, career transitions, and mentoring.

Time to Write, Research, or Create

While these work groups are designed around the model of working for three hours in the morning and then meeting for a virtual lunch immediately afterward, that arrangement may not fit everyone’s schedule. Therefore, some faculty/staff commit to spending the same amount of time on a different day or time and join a lunch group that fits into their schedule.  

Virtual Lunch Meetings for Faculty/Staff

On a weekly basis, participants will connect via a Zoom lunch so that colleagues can chat about projects and anything else that comes up. By sharing goals and discussing progress, the SCE Work Group helps to advance faculty/staff professional projects. Additionally, this group is an effective way to get to know faculty/staff on campus across disciplinary boundaries and ranks.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. (led by Lara Ayad)

Meeting ID: 979 7288 5711

Passcode: 703732

Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m. (led by Aarathi Prasad)

Meeting ID: 963 1823 5794

Passcode: 219246

Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. (led by Ruth McAdams and Jeremy Wachter)

Meeting ID: 998 9082 0612

Passcode: 362328

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