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Skidmore College
Center for Leadership, Teaching and Learning (CLTL)

Weller Room Request Form

Center for Leadership, Teaching & Learning (CLTL) Weller Room USE AGREEMENT:

We understand that the primary function of the Weller Room is to support the professional development of staff and faculty. Events related to the Center for Leadership, Teaching & Learning (CLTL) will be given first priority when reservation requests are made. Furthermore, we understand that in the event of unanticipated scheduling conflicts, we will need to seek another venue.

In requesting the use of this space, our office, organization, or group fully accepts the following responsibilities:

  • Respect approved reservation times of other groups;
  • Leave the space in a condition that is ready for immediate use by another group;
    • Restore the tables and the other furniture to its original location;
    • Clear the room of any equipment we bring in or trash we accumulate while in the space;
    • Properly dispose of all trash and recycling;
    • Call Dining Services x. 5853 to pick up remaining catering items;
  • Notify the CLTL of any maintenance needs and/or damage to the space (in an emergency, contact Facilities Management first).

We understand that the Center for Leadership, Teaching, and Learning (CLTL) will not approve further access to the Weller Room if we fail to fulfill these responsibilities.