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Skidmore College
Computer Science Department

What is the CS Major?

The computer science major provides students a solid foundation in theory, applications, and systems—the knowledge and tools they need to focus on a subfield of the discipline that most interests them. A computer science major at Skidmore prepares students for a wide range of career paths including jobs at technology companies or in other industries that utilize computational resources (such as finance and biotechnology). Skidmore graduates are also able to continue their studies in computer science by going to graduate school.

What is unique about CS at Skidmore?

The department has embraced the liberal arts approach in the design of the computer science major by requiring a relatively small number of courses. This allows Skidmore computer science majors the flexibility to choose to focus in computer science by taking additional elective courses and engaging in computer science research projects; or to focus in multiple areas of study through a second major, a minor, or a self-directed course of study in addition to the computer science major.