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Skidmore College

Watermark Faculty Success

(formerly Digital Measures)


Common Activities and Entry Locations (PDF)

Provides a list of major faculty activities and corresponding entry locations in Watermark Faculty Success.

Helpful Features and Tips

Managing Data (PDF): Outlines actions available in Watermark Faculty Success, such as adding a new record, importing items in bulk, editing or viewing a record, deleting a record, copying a record, searching for keywords on a screen, and navigating back to a previous screen. 

Adding a New Record (PDF): Explains how to add a new record for each screen.

Entering Authors, Investigators, Presenters, Performers, etc. (PDF): Details how to add yourself as an author, investigator, presenter, performer, etc., when creating a record in any of the six screens under the Scholarship/Research category, as well as how to add co-contributors and change contributor order.

Importing Publications (PDF): Explains how to import publications from other databases.

Rapid Reports (PDF): Provides instructions for how to run reports in Watermark Faculty Success, including your Annual Summary of Activities report.

Things to Remember When Working in Watermark Faculty Success

  • Watermark Faculty Success runs reports based on date ranges. Therefore it is very important that the data you enter into each screen has a date associated with it (in most cases at least a month and year). Otherwise the data will not be picked up by Watermark Faculty Success when running your report.

  • Watermark Faculty Success works best when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

  • Watermark Faculty Success does not automatically save your entries. You must click “Save” to ensure all of the information you entered is retained.

  • Data fields under the various screens should be completed if they are applicable to you and you want them included in your report. If you are not comfortable sharing certain information, you are not required to include it.

  • While most information must be entered by you, some data has already been pre-populated, such as some of the information shown under the Scheduled Teaching and Directed Student Learning screens as well as some personal and administrative information. If you find that some of this information is incorrect, please contact, and we will work with you to correct it.