Digital Measures


Faculty User Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Required Fields for Annual Summary of Activities Report (PDF)

**Please refer to this PDF when working on your Annual Summary**

Provides a screen-by-screen breakdown to show which data fields should be completed if they are applicable to you and you want the information included in your Annual Summary Report. Data fields circled in blue indicate which information will be automatically pulled from the Digital Measures screens to populate your Annual Summary Report. 

Common Activities and Entry Locations (PDF)

Provides a list of major faculty activities and corresponding entry locations in Digital Measures

Helpful Features and Tips

Managing Data (PDF): Outlines actions available in Digital Measures, such as adding a new record, importing items in bulk, editing or viewing a record, deleting a record, copying a record, searching for keywords on a screen, and navigating back to a previous screen. 

The PasteBoard (PDF): Describes this time-saving feature for copying text from documents to Digital Measures.

Adding a New Record (PDF): Explains how to add a new record for each screen.

Expanding Text Boxes (PDF): Demonstrates how to resize a text box when working in Digital Measures.

Entering Authors, Investigators, Presenters, Performers, etc. (PDF): Details how to add yourself as an author, investigator, presenter, performer, etc., when creating a record in any of the six screens under the Scholarship/Research category, as well as how to add co-contributors and change contributor order.

Importing Publications (PDF): Explains how to import publications from other databases.

Rapid Reports (PDF): Provides instructions for how to run reports in Digital Measures, including your Annual Summary of Activities report.

Things to Remember When Working in Digital Measures