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Skidmore College
Economics Department

Student Learning Goals

Goals for the Economics Major:

  • Understand how economic theories and models are formulated and appreciate their explanatory power.
  • Be able to use economic models to evaluate current economic issues and public policy.
  • Understand the role of historical and institutional context as conditioning policy-making.
  • Support students’ growth in critical thinking and problem solving including choosing appropriate models and understanding their limitations.
  • Understand the differing perspectives of economics and other social science fields.
  • Analyze economic systems in a cultural, global, and/or social justice context.
  • Appreciate the impact of economic activity on environmental and ecological systems.
  • Appreciate the impact of economic activity on human well-being and welfare.
  • Learn how economists use quantitative approaches to measure economic outcomes and test competing theories.

Information literacy

  • Use appropriate search methods to find existing economic literature; find and access current and historical economic data.

Visual literacy

  • Use a variety of visual modes to display and communicate information about economic phenomena and relationships, including charts and graphs. Create presentations that effectively summarize research.

Technological literacy

  • Be proficient in the use of STATA (or R) econometric software to describe and summarize data and to investigate hypotheses using a variety of methods.
  • Use appropriate data and empirical methods to evaluate economic research.

Effective oral communication

  • Explain, debate and/or discuss models and economic phenomena.
  • Work effectively in groups.
  • Write descriptively and persuasively regarding economic phenomena, conditions and policies.
  • Create new knowledge by identifying and formulating a question or series of questions about some economic issue that will facilitate its investigation.