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Skidmore College
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Alerts:

Skidmore Urgent Notification System

(SUNS, also known as e2Campus)

The Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS) is the college's emergency alert/urgent notification system, which uses e2Campus software (an award-winning provider of emergency communication). SUNS is composed of the following methods by which notification or timely warnings can be communicated to the Skidmore community in the event of an emergency:

  • Outdoor siren/PA system (located atop the library) will be activated to alert campus community members who are out-of-doors on campus of an imminent danger or emergency and to take notice of their immediate surroundings, which may require seeking shelter or evacuation of the area.
  • e2Campus communications: Mass urgent notification/alerts to enrolled email, voicemail, SMS/text message, the Skidmore College homepageFacebook and Twitter accounts. Note: Information entered into e2campus will not be given or or sold to a third party.
  • Students are automatically enrolled in e2campus based on their registration information. 
  • Faculty and staff should self-enrollin e2campus using the "Create My SUNS Account" so they can receive emergency alerts and information of an emergency situation or incident.

Administrator Resources

How to Enroll

To enroll, click on "Create My SUNS Account" below and complete the registration form on the website. 

To opt-out or end enrollment, click "Already Registered" below. Enter your username and password, and then update your preferences. See below for a forgotten password.

To change or verify your notification options, click "Already Registered," log in and review or make changes as needed. See below for a forgotten password. 

For forgotten passwords, click on "Already Registered," then "Forgot Password." Put in your Skidmore login name (the part before the @ symbol in your Skidmore email address). A temporary password will be sent to your email or cell phone. 

 e2campus login