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A new semester, new classes and new excitement at Skidmore

February 24, 2021

With the spring 2021 semester now underway, students are excited to be back on campus and look forward to classes with Skidmore’s many talented professors.

Here are a just a few examples of courses that Skidmore students say they are looking forward to taking this term.

International Relations of the Global South

Political Science 251B
Assistant Professor Emmanuel Balogun

“I chose this class because I am very interested in the development of the Global South. So far, we have been learning about how to deconstruct Western definitions and notions of international relations. The readings in the class are very interesting and the class is very interactive.
Haja Isatu Bah '21
Environmental Studies Major 

This course critically evaluates the development of international relations and its Western-centric theories and explores alternative origins of the discipline and its views on the state, security, cooperation and development.

The Social Lives of Hats

History 251C
Associate Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart 
Professor and Chair Tillman Nechtman

This class combines some of my favorite things: costuming, literature and history. I’m super excited to get assigned my own historical hat and find her story.
Chloe Hanrahan ’24

This special topics history course examines what hats say about us, including how hat trends have affected the environment and how hats have become metaphors for charity, religious rituals and indicators of social status. 

Reimagining Representation 

Studio Art 351K 
Visiting Assistant Professor Lindsay Buchman 

I am excited for Reimagining Representation because we will be exploring so many important topics around race, power, identities and culture while also creating meaningful and probably strongly political artwork. After the first class, I could already tell that Professor Buchman will not disappoint this semester.
Sophia Paulino Adames ’22
Studio Art Major

This interdisciplinary studio art course investigates contemporary artists working across intersectional practices to challenge dominant narratives through a decolonial framework. 

Introduction to American Politics 

Political Science 101
Visiting Assistant Professor Patrick Campbell 

I look forward to learning about the complexities of American government and how our institutions hold during times of extreme polarization like today.
Nathaniel Lowell ’24

An analysis of United States national government with emphasis on constitutionalism, the presidency, Congress and the judiciary.

Chelsea Knoll ’24

Chelsea Knoll ’24 brings artwork to the Schick Art Gallery for the 2021 Juried Student Exhibition, one of many opportunities this semester.

Contemporary Poetry 

English 314 
Assistant Professor Maggie Greaves

"Contemporary poetry is taught by Professor Greaves, one of my favorite professors. Poetry is something we can engage in from afar, and it still makes me feel connected to people and places despite the pandemic. It’s beautiful to me how something as small as reading words on paper can be so powerful. Even if you’re not taking this class, go read some poetry!"
Samara Landau '21
English and psychology double major

A study of British, Irish and American poets since the 1930s: Auden, Thomas, Larkin, Heaney, Lowell, Berryman, Plath and Rich.

Disability Narratives

English 364W
Professor Susannah Mintz

As an aspiring scholar of disability and/in 19th-century transatlantic literatures, I spend most of my time analyzing the presence of impairment, stigma and disability in the stories of others. It will be liberating, if not initially terrifying, to finally say, 'I’m a legally blind man and here is how I perceive the world and my place in it.'
Aymon Langlois ’23
English major, SGA Americans with Disabilities Act Commissioner

This course dips into the enormous variety of contemporary disability narratives, from lyrical treatments of pain to work that engages complex intersections of impairment with gender, nationality, race, class, religion, sexuality, family dynamics, professional expectations, the environment, and the status of art and beauty.

Computability, Complexity and Heuristics

Computer Science 306 
Associate Professor and Chair Thomas O'Connell

 I’m excited to learn about the origin and development of computation theory and to discuss the limits of computation. I’m interested to see what makes some problems unsolvable, and to understand what computers can tell us about math and the universe.
Menard Bibow ’21
Physics major, Engineering Dual Degree Program with Dartmouth College participant

This course uses abstract machine models to measure the complexity of computational problems and to explore the limits of computational power. Students also investigate strategies to deal with intractable computational problems.

Treating Anxiety: Science and Practice

Psychology 312B
Associate Professor Casey Schofield

I am excited to dig into more specific and application-based areas of psychology. I also love the professor who is teaching it, and anytime I get to hear her teach, I'm excited!
Sophie Cramer-Benjamin ’22
Psychology and neuroscience double major

A critical examination of fundamental areas of controversy in current theories, research findings and applications of psychology. 

Understanding Religions 

Religious Studies 103
Teaching Professor Greg Spinner

I’m excited to learn about how my concept of religion can be expanded upon and challenged. I’ve never had the opportunity to dig deep and learn about religions outside of my own beliefs.
McKenzie LaFlamme-Howe ’24

An in-depth investigation of religion as a global, cross-cultural phenomenon, examining multiple traditions from different times and places, and scholarly approaches to religion from different perspectives.

Banking and Financial Services Management

Management and Business 309
Associate Professor Aiwu Zhao

I am enjoying this class because it goes into depth about what finance is. Often, people assume finance is just investment banking, but this class introduces us to different fields of finance and companies, too. This class is also preparing me for my upcoming summer internship at BlackRock. 
Novilhelha Moleni ’22 
Management and business major

An examination of the history, operations and functions of American and international companies and institutions in the banking and financial services industry. 

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