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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

On-Campus Resources


Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Cerri Banks
Case Center, third floor, 518-580-5760 (ext. 5760)

Office of Student Diversity Programs
Latisha J. Barnett, director, and Candace Hairston, assistant director
Case Center, second floor, 518-580-8210

Campus Safety
Timothy Munro, director
Jonsson Tower basement, 518-580-5566 (ext. 5566)
Campus Safety is available 24/7.

Career Services
Starbuck Center, second floor, 518-580-5790
Career Services offers various multicultural career and networking resources. You can also call Career Services to set up an appointment (ext. 5790) or stop by during their drop-in hours.

Counseling Center 
Andrew C. Demaree, director
Jonsson Tower, first floor, 518-580-5555 (ext. 5555)

Opportunity Program
Kelli Johnson, director
Ladd Hall, first floor, 518-580-5770 (ext. 5770)

Leadership Activities 
Robin Adams, director, and Tory Atkins, assistant director
Case Center 228, 518-580-5777 (ext. 5777)

Residential Life
Ann Marie Przywara, director
Rounds Hall, first floor, 518-580-5765 (ext. 5765)

Student Academic Services 
Jamin Totino, director
Darren Drabek, international student coordinator
Starbuck Center, first floor, 518-580-8150 (ext. 8150)