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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

On-Campus Resources


Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Cerri Banks
Case Center, 3rd Floor, 518.580.5760 (ext. 5760)

Office of Student Diversity Programs
Latisha J. Barnett, Director & Candace Hairston, Assistant Director
Case Center, 2nd Floor, 518.580.8210

Campus Safety
Dennis Conway, Director
Jonsson Tower, Basement, 518.580.5566 (ext. 5566)
Campus Safety is available 24/7.

Career Services
Starbuck Center, 2nd Floor, 518.580.5790
Career Services offers various multicultural career and networking resources. You can also call Career Services to set up an appointment (X5790) or stop by during their drop-in hours!

Counseling Center 
Andrew C. Demaree , Director
Jonsson Tower, 1st Floor, 518.580.5555 (ext. 5555)

Opportunity Program
Kelli Johnson , Director
Ladd Hall, 1st Floor, 518.580.5770 (ext. 5770)

Leadership Activities 
Robin Adams, Director & Tory Atkins, Assistant Director
Case Center 228, 518.580.5777 (ext. 5777)

Residential Life
Ann Marie Przywara, Director
Rounds Hall, 1st Floor, 518.580.5765 (ext. 5765)

Student Academic Services 
Jamin Totino, Director
Darren Drabek, International Student Coordinator
Starbuck Center, 1st Floor, 518.580.8150 (ext. 8150)