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Skidmore College
Political Science Department



Requirements for a major in political science are ten courses and 33 credit hours.

These courses include:

  1. PL 101, PL 102, and PL 103;
  2. At least one course in each of the following four areas:
    1. American Politics: PL 211, PL 222, PL 224, PL 225, PL 231, PL 251C, PL 252, PL 311, PL 312, PL 314, PL 315, PL 317, PL 331, PL 332, PL 333, PL 334, PL 335, PL 336, PL 362, PL 367
    2. Comparative Politics: PL 203, PL 209, PL 213, PL 227, PL 233, PL 239, PL 241, PL 244, PL 251A, PL 326, PL 327, PL 347, PL 348, PL 349, PL 365
    3. International Relations: PL 201, PL 207, PL 219, PL 226, PL 228, PL 229, PL 251B, PL 301, PL 309, PL 319, PL 338, PL 339, PL 340, PL 346 , PL 357, PL 366
    4. Political Theory: PL 204, PL 205H, PL 236, PL 242, PL 251D, PL 308, PL 323, PL 341, PL 351, PL 354, PLHI 322
  3. Three additional political science courses totaling at least 9 credits, or PL 383 or PL 384.

Note: To fulfill college maturity-level requirements, at least 6 credits of 300-level political science courses must be taken in the senior year.

THE WRITING REQUIREMENT IN THE POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJOR: The Political Science Department at Skidmore College is committed to helping its students become skilled writers. Recognizing that an important part of learning to write well in political science and government is learning to write well overall, the Political Science Department places considerable emphasis on both quantity and quality of writing opportunities in our courses and has adopted a wide-reaching and thorough set of Standards and Expectations for Written Assignments in Political Science and a Uniform Code of Notation for Providing Feedback on Written Work. Students in Political Science Department classes expect to be held to the expectations and standards established in these documents. Thus, by successfully completing the requirements for the Political Science Major, students fulfill the Writing Requirement in Political Science.

INTERDEPARTMENTAL MAJORS: In conjunction with the relevant departments, the Political Science Department offers majors in business-political science, political science-French, political science-German, and political science-Spanish. See Interdepartmental Majors. The department also participates in the International Affairs major.

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