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Skidmore College
Political Science Department

Photo Gallery

Skidmore Political Science faculty and students are active and not afraid to show it. From lectures to trips to celebrations, we remain active in our community and the world. Check out our photos and see how much fun we have with government.

Professor Graney with Michael and Rory at the Thesis celebration Academic Year, 2022-2023
Senior Thesis 2018 pics Senior Thesis Dinner, 2018
Pi Sigma Alpha 2018 Pi Sigma Alpha Ceremony, 2018
Exploremore 2018 Exploremore Political Science Open House, 2018
James Sieja lecture spring 2016 James Sieja Lecture, Spring 2016
Exploremore Spring 2016 Exploremore Government Open House, Spring, 2016
Ogletree Fiscus Lecture 2015 Fiscus Lecture, October 2015
Exploremore Government Open House March 2014 Exploremore Government Open House, March 5, 2014
Fiscus Lecture 2013 Fiscus Lecture, October 2013
Syria and Egypt SMALL Focus on Syria and Egypt Talk, 2013
Constitution Day SMALL 2013 Constitution Day Lecture, 2013
Student Asst Lunch 2013 Student Assistant Lunch and Seniors Majors Party, May 2013
Senior Honors 2013 Senior Honors Thesis Dinner, April 2013
Kuroda Symposium 2013 Kuroda Symposium, April 2013
Pi Sigma Alpha 2013 Pi Sigma Alpha and Department Awards Ceremony, April 2013
Government Majors Information Night 2013 Government Majors Information Night, March 2013
European Union Conference 2012 European Union Conference, November 2012
Smiling Friends Prof. Hoffmann's retirement dinner, 2012
commencement 2012 Commencement, 2012
SR exit interviews 2012 Senior Exit Interviews, 2012
Senior Majors Party Senior Majors party, 2012
2012 student assistants Student Assistants Lunch, 2012
Cover Image Pi Sigma Alpha, 2012
Senior Thesis 2012 Senior Thesis Dinner, 2012
COVER Prof. Hoffmann's last class, 2012
Constitution cover image Constitution Day Lecture and Dinner, 2011
Meg Ashur and Annie Bruckner. Senior Majors and Minors Party, 2011
Thesis Students. Government Senior Thesis Dinner, 2011
Pi Sigma Alpha Members 2011. Pi Sigma Alpha Induction Ceremony, 2011
 Student Assistants Lunch. Student Assistants Luncheon, 2011
 Senior Exit Interviews. Senior Exit Interviews, 2011
Paris 2010 Professor Burns in Paris, Fall 2010
best group shot Pi Sigma Alpha Induction Ceremony 2010
thesis students Government Senior Thesis Dinner 2010
Government department senior major's party, May 2009 Government Senior Majors Party 2009
Government department student assistant's luncheon, May 2009 Senior Exit Interviews and Student Assistants Luncheon 2009
Government Academic Award Recipients, April 2009 Pi Sigma Alpha Induction Ceremony, May 2009
Fiscus Lecture Fiscus Lecture 2008
Constitution Day 2008

Constitution Day 2008: David Nichols

Constitution Day 2008: Philip Munoz

SMP, SEI, SAL 2008 Senior Majors Party, Senior Exit Interviews, and
Student Assistants Lunch, May 2008
Hockenos Paul Hockenos Book Presentation, February 2008
Constitution Day Constitution Day, 2007
Yummy Cake! Student Assistants Lunch and
Senior Majors Party, May 2007
Gordon Wood delivers the Kuroda Lecture in April 2007 Second Annual Kuroda Symposium, April 2007
Fiscus Lecture Fiscus Lecture '06
50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary, 2005
Japan Prof. Hoffman's Japan Trip
Russia Prof. Graney's Russia Trip
untitled Constitution Day
Student Lounge Student Lounge