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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Staff Members of the Office of the Registrar

Staff Member Responsibilities
David DeConno,
(518) 580-5718
Oversight responsibility for the office, policy, Committee On Academic Standing, Curriculum Committee
Tammy Blair,
Associate Registrar
(518) 580-5714
Operational manager/Systems Analyst, Registration, Drop/Add Issues, Student System Issues, TAP, NSLC, Report Writer
Sharon Clemmey ,
Associate Registrar for Records
(518) 580-5713
Degree Audits, Commencement, Diplomas for Graduation, Major Declaration, Curriculum Committee, Oversee Student Records and Transfer Credit areas.
Shannon Melvin
Associate Registrar
(518) 580-5715
Matriculated Student Registration, Master Course Schedules, Exam Schedule, Course Room Assignments, Drop/Add Issues, Non-matriculation registration, Cross-Registration, Committee on Academic Standing petitions, College Catalogue Maint., Student System maintenance of: Independent Studies, Internships, Overload, NYS TAP, National Student Clearinghouse
Paula Brehm,
Assistant Registrar for Records
(518) 580-5724
Transfer Credit Evaluation, Study Abroad Credit, Degree Audits
Kelly Hammond,
Registrar's Assistant
(518) 580-5711
Veteran Affairs coordination, document imagining, supervise work study students, Helpdesk, Assistance with all office functions

Aleyna Hamill,
Registrar's Assistant
(518) 580-5712

Budget and Supplies, Common Application Transfer coordination, Committee on Academic Standing minutes, Helpdesk, Assistance with all office functions

Jean Lambert,
Admin. Assistant for Records
(518) 580-5716

Transcript Requests, Course Catalogue Library Maint, Student Academic Records Maint (1911-present); System maintenance of: Major/minor declarations; MALS, UWW and CCI transcript requests and records maint; Replacement Diplomas