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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Staff Members of the Office of the Registrar

Staff Member Responsibilities
David DeConno,
(518) 580-5718
Oversight responsibility for the office, policy, Committee On Academic Standing, Curriculum Committee
Tammy Blair,
Associate Registrar Systems Analyst
(518) 580-5714
Operational manager/Systems Analyst, Registration, Drop/Add Issues, Student System Issues, NYS TAP, National Student Clearinghouse Administrator, Report Writer
Sharon Clemmey ,
Associate Registrar for Records
(518) 580-5713
Degree Audits, Commencement, Diplomas for Graduation, Major Declaration, Curriculum Committee, Oversee Student Records and Transfer Credit areas.
Shannon Melvin
Associate Registrar
(518) 580-5715
Matriculated Student Registration, Master Course Schedules, Exam Schedule, Course Room Assignments, Drop/Add Issues, Non-matriculation registration, Cross-Registration, Committee on Academic Standing petitions, College Catalogue Maint., Student System maintenance of: Independent Studies, Internships, Overload, NYS TAP, National Student Clearinghouse
Paula Puckett,
Assistant Registrar for Records
(518) 580-5724
Transfer Credit Evaluation, Study Abroad Credit, Degree Audits

Christine Vautrin,
Administrative Assistant
(518) 580-5711

Helpdesk, Assistance with all office functions

Aleyna Hamill,
Administrative Coordinator
(518) 580-5712

Veteran Affairs coordination, document imagining, supervise work study students, Budget and Supplies, Common Application Transfer coordination, Committee on Academic Standing minutes, Helpdesk, Assistance with all office functions

Jean Lambert,
Admin. Assistant for Records
(518) 580-5716

Transcript Requests, Course Catalogue Library Maint, Student Academic Records Maint (1911-present); System maintenance of: Major/minor declarations; MALS, UWW and CCI transcript requests and records maint;  Records Research.; Degree Verifications.