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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Faculty and Staff Resources

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General Resources

  • Advising & Student Records Portal (Class Lists, Adv Holds, Majors, etc)
  • Master Schedule Course Creation
  • Approved Class Times
  • Credit Hour Policy
  • Term Course Description Request (now entered in Courseleaf/CLSS)
  • Request a classroom change - email
  • Schedule a Meeting Or Event (Room Reservations)
  • Instructional Method options for Spring 2021:
    • In-person - requires all students to attend in person (no remote learners)
    • Hyflex:In-per or Online(Sync)allows for both in-person or synchronous online attendance (available to both campus and remote learners)
    • Online: Asynchronousonline instruction that does not require class meetings in real-time (remote learners do not need to consider time zones)
    • Online: Synchronousonline instruction that requires class meetings in real-time (remote learners need to consider time zones)
    • Online: Mix of Sync & Asynconline instruction that has a mix of synchronous and asynchronous meetings (remote learners need to consider time zones for the synchronous portions of the course)
    • Hybrid:Mix of In-person/Onlinehas components that are both in-person and online (remote learners cannot take these courses because of the required in-person component)

FERPA Information - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act