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Skidmore College
Residential Life

Room Change Request

We understand there are moments when students may want to request a room change during a semester.  Although a room change is not guaranteed, you can use the following form to request a room change.  Room changes will be reviewed on a rolling basis and only after you have met with your Residential Assistant (RA) or Community Assistant (CA), and Area Coordinator (AC) to review policies or other ways to address housing concerns.   


  • If this is a housing emergency you can contact Campus Safety and your Area Coordinator (AC).
  • First Year students are not assigned to singles without a housing accommodation.
  • We do not re-triple a room after a student moves out.
  • We usually do not move students in the first and last two weeks of the semester.
  • We will prioritize room changes based on emergency circumstances, housing accommodations, class year and date request received.
Please check the box to agree to the terms indicated above.