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Skidmore College


Skidmore College EMS (SCEMS) is available for event standbys for Skidmore community events. If you are a student club or organization, please submit a request to us via this link on SkidSync. Otherwise, if you’d like to have an EMS team at a Skidmore event, please email the SCEMS chief at and include the following information:

  1. the location of the event,
  2. the type of event (i.e. dance/lecture/show),
  3. expected attendance and
  4. date and time of event.

SCEMS politely requests that requests for event standbys are made at least one week prior to the event.

SCEMS does not charge for standbys for SGA related events. However, there may be a fee depending on the staffing needs for all other events. 

SCEMS reserves the right to decline to cover an event for any reason.

Patients receiving care at your event will not be billed.