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Scheduling Office

Fall 2020 Space Policies

All major public events that would bring large numbers of visitors to campus, such as Celebration Weekend, Homecoming and the Presidential Inauguration, will be shifted to virtual experiences. All events and programs should take place remotely when possible. Any requests for in-person events and programs must be in compliance with health and safety guidelines.

Classrooms, workspaces and public spaces have been reconfigured to allow for at least six feet between individuals. All surplus furniture has been removed. In all classrooms with moveable seating, the correct position of each seat has been marked on the ground with velcro. In classrooms with fixed seating, seats have been marked to indicate where students should sit to maintain 6 feet of separation. Disinfection wipes are in each classroom so that students can wipe down desks and seats before and after use. Hand sanitizer will also be available.

Outside of class time, space across campus has been set aside for the following purposes:

  • Faculty Exam Space - a classroom in Annex, Bolton, Ladd, and TLC have been scheduled in EMS and signs posted accordingly. Faculty may use the space on a walk-in basis.

  • Student Study Space – TLC classrooms have been scheduled in EMS and signs posted accordingly. Students may find a quiet space to study on a walk-in basis, but they will need to log in and log out on the sign-in sheet.

  • Access Services and Tutor Space – several Bolton 1st floor classrooms have been scheduled in EMS and signs posted accordingly.

  • Student Club Space – most other available space may be requested in EMS by student clubs.

  • All other requests for space will be reviewed, considering the priorities listed above. New social distance capacities for each room will be listed in EMS along with an image of the new set up.

Fall Academic Building hours may be found here.


Catering services are not available for Fall 2020

Guidelines for Use of Space
  • Space requester is required to have a sign in sheet for attendees at every event or meeting. You do not need to send the list to anyone, keep attendance sheet with you in case contract tracing is needed at a later date.

  • Must wear a mask at all times that covers the nose, mouth and chin

  • Must observe social distancing at all times and stay at least 6 feet apart
  • Room capacities must be strictly observed

  • Must clean workspace prior to and after use

  • Must fill out sign in sheet with name, email, time in and out


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    Oct 24 2020
  • Tang Teaching Museum Malloy Wing: The Museum welcomes back the Skidmore community! Faculty, staff, and students can visit Thursdays 4:307:30 PM and Saturdays Noon5:00 PM. Details are here.We are…
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All of your event set up needs (tables, chairs, etc.) will now be available for requesting through EMS at the time you request your other services.   If you would like a personal training session on the new process we’d be glad to schedule a one-on-one session. Email  for more information. Please find instructions for requesting Event Setup here.

Please review these event setup request policies before submitting EMS requests.




Megan Bove, Scheduling and Event Coordinator, can help answer your scheduling questions, troubleshoot EMS, or help plan your event. Megan is located in Pine Cottage 103, and can be reached at 518-580-5599 or We recommend using the email with inquires so that in Megan’s absence a colleague can follow up on immediate needs.


Here's a general overview of EMS. A more detailed How To Use EMS Guide is also available to walk you through step-by-step.

Training sessions to learn about EMS will be offered for beginners and frequent users throughout the semester as needed. We recommend attending the most appropriate level session to suit your needs. The pace of the beginner's session will be much slower and more comprehensive. You'll find the schedule of training sessions here.

Hands-on, one-on-one training sessions are also available. To schedule a session, please contact the Scheduling Office at

College-Owned Vehicles

College-Owned Vehicles may be requested through EMS.

For more information, see Motor Vehicles Policy: Fleet Vehicle Reservations

How To Documents

Please refer to the how-to documents below to guide you through event planning in EMS.

How to Log into EMS from home or off-campus

First you must download the Skidmore VPN onto your computer. The directions for VPN can be found here:

You must have a valid Skidmore user ID and password to install VPN. Once it is downloaded, you will be able to log on to EMS through the secure Skidmore website.