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Skidmore College
Scheduling Office

Event Scheduling Tips

Events must be reserved through the EMS scheduling 24 hours in advance. If you are requesting space less than 24 hours in advance, you must contact the scheduling office  at ext. 5599.

Dates to avoid for scheduling major events

  • Last two weeks of the semester
  • Major religious holidays (Good Friday, Easter, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana)
  • Study days
  • Celebration Weekend
  • Board of Trustees Meeting dates
  • Commencement

When choosing the time of an event

During the day, classes generally run from 8:40 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. The last class ends at 9:30 p.m. The prime time for scheduling events occurs between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., so consider an early evening time, 6–8 p.m., to avoid conflicts with space and/or resources for an event.

To avoid event conflicts, please check EMS for events scheduled in other venues.

Scheduling Timeline

January: Summer classes and programs scheduled by mid-January

  • Summer scheduling opens

March: Fall classes scheduled by mid-March

  • Fall scheduling opens

October: Spring classes scheduled by mid-October

  • Spring scheduling opens


If your event needs...

  1. Special setup that includes extra tables, chairs, podium, flags, etc.
  2. Food, snacks, beverages, or liquor license
  3. Computer setup, audio, or visual support
  4. Special parking or security arrangements
  5. Overnight accommodations
  6. Publicity


Frequently Asked Questions

Email the Scheduling Office with your questions or concerns. 

The group my event is for is not listed in my drop-down. How do I select a different group? 

You have to add your group to your drop-down by clicking on the magnifying glass next to group. From here you should search for your group (department or student group). Type in the first few letters in the group name and hit the magnifying glass. Add your group by hitting the green and white plus sign. Hit done, and then you will be able to see your group in the dropdown menu. If your group is not in the system, call ext. 5599 or email the Scheduling Office.

Why doesn't a room I'm looking for show up when I'm requesting a space?

The only rooms that will come up to choose from when you are trying to request a space are the rooms that are available at that time and that fit the number you put in the attendance for the setup type specified (if applicable).

Where do I schedule the conference rooms?

The conference rooms are not managed through EMS, so continue to schedule them the way that you have in the past, directly with the department scheduler. If you need help finding a conference room, the Scheduling Office will be happy to help you find a room. Just call ext. 5599 or email the Scheduling Office.

How do I request catering in a conference room not managed through EMS?

Login to EMS and select the "Catering Only" template to submit a catering request in a space not listed in EMS. Be sure you have the space properly scheduled and notify Dining Services of any changes.

How do I schedule the Dining Hall rooms?

The spaces in the Dining Hall are available through the EMS. Log in and chose "Murray-Aikins Dining Hall Template". Click "Book Now" then enter the date and time of your event.

When I put in a catering service request, will it automatically go Dining Services?

Yes, Dining Services receives and manages catering service orders submitted through EMS. You will receive separate confirmations for your space request and for your catering request.

When I put in my request, will it automatically go to Facilities?

No, when you submit your event setup requests in EMS, it is sent to a team member in Conferences & Events who will review and send the request to Facilities. A conferences & events team member will review the request and reach out with any questions. After the setup is confirmed the request will be passed off to Facilities.

When I put in my request, will it be automatically put on the Public Events Calendar?

No. When you submit your event, you will have the option to choose to add your event to the Public Events Calendar, your department calendar, both, or neither. A public event is considered open to the outside community (Saratoga County and beyond). You will receive an email requesting event details to be posted to the Calendar with the option to add an image. 

How do I get a department calendar?

If you have a department calendar, it will be displayed on your department's home webpage. If you would like to have a calendar on your department's webpage, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Can I cancel my event?

If you are in the system you can find your event under Reservations, "View My Requests." If you click on the event title you will be able to "Cancel Bookings" or "Cancel All Bookings." You can also cancel an event by clicking the red and white X next to the event.

How do I change the date/time of my event?

If you are in the system, you need to find your event under Reservations, "View My Requests." If you click on the event title and open up the reservation, you will need to click on "Booking Tools." From there you can change the date or time of one or all of your bookings. 
**If your event is already posted to the Public/Student/Department Calendar, contact the Scheduling Office to change the date/time or location**

If I'm requesting the Case table/Skid Shop tables or Case poster space, what number should I put for attendance?

1 (one).