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Scheduling Office


Event Management System (EMS) Training group sessions are now available to sign up for through the IT Training Course Offerings.

  • Find the next available session and sign up here
  • Hands-on, one-on-one training sessions are also available on the use of EMS to request space and the process for posting events to the Campus Events Calendar. To schedule a session, please contact the Scheduling Office at

The Surrey Williamson Inn has reopened and is available for booking events on the main floor through the Scheduling Office. Overnight accommodations must be requested through the Surrey Webpage.

  • Event Set-Up requests for the Surrey should be made through EMS rather than separately using the Event Request form. This feature will be expanded to other buildings in the near future.
  • See: How to Request Surrey with Event Setup

Requests to use College-Owned Vehicles are now managed through EMS.


Dining Services continues to expand offerings that can be requested through EMS, most recently with Dining Hall Meal Tickets.


How To

Schedule an Event

After logging in, select Reservations, and then select Dining Hall (for any Dining Hall space), Tang (for any space in the Tang), or Space Request (for all other spaces).

After completing and submitting your request, please allow up to 48 hours before hearing from the scheduling office.

Find an Event or Browse for a Space

Choose Scheduled Events to view all scheduled events.

Choose Space Availability to see a grid view of all requestable spaces

Choose Space Features for a list of spaces and their features. 

Log into EMS from home or off-campus

First you must download the Skidmore VPN onto your computer.  The directions for VPN can be found here:

You must have a valid Skidmore user ID and password to install VPN.  Once it is downloaded you will be able to access the website for EMS.