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Skidmore College
Social Work Department

Social Work Connects to the Community

Bridges to Skidmore

Bridges to Skidmore College is a collaboration between Saratoga Bridges and Skidmore College in which Bridges participants and Skidmore students attend brief, accessible lectures delivered by Skidmore faculty on the college campus on a biweekly basis. After the presentation, Bridges participants and Skidmore students form small groups to discuss presentation content and their reactions. The weeks following the lectures, Bridges and Skidmore students complete homework assignments together related to the previous week’s lecture.

Bridges to Skidmore began in January 2010. Approximately 15 Bridges participants attend each semester. After four semesters, Bridges participants graduate from the program and a new cohort from Bridges begin their college journey. The objectives of this project include increasing Skidmore students’ exposure to diverse groups; providing a rigorous and meaningful learning experience for Bridges participants; enhancing Skidmore students’ ability to communicate with people with disabilities; and raising awareness of issues related to disabilities among students and faculty.