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Skidmore College
Social Work Department

Is Social Work right for you?

Before applying for admission to the program, please take some time to think about whether or not social work is the major and potential career choice for you. The following questions can hopefully assist you in making a determination about social work as a major and profession. For further help in making a decision, you are encouraged to seek out students who are currently majoring in social work, professional social workers in the community, and social work faculty to discuss your interests and questions.

A core value of social work is that all humans are inherently worthy. While individuals may engage in negative and destructive behavior, they are still worthy of dignity and respect.

The social worker should be hard to discourage and understand the process of decision-making. 
Social workers must be aware of themselves and their own struggles in order to effectively help others. Can you accept constructive criticism about your performance and behavior? Are you open to feedback from others? Are you willing to seek and accept help with both personal and professional concerns? 
Social workers need a sense of moral and social responsibility and the ability to see human problems in relationship to the community and the state of the nation and the world.