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Skidmore College
Sociology Department

Welcome to Sociology!

Rue AgustaSome say that “there is a sociology of everything,” and, indeed, sociology is perhaps the single most diverse discipline of them all.  Sociology explores every intricacy of our social worlds, from the ways we interact in small groups to crime and deviance, from race and gender relations to love and divorce, from the role of religion in everyday life to environmental justice, and more.  Sociology majors graduate with the ability to gather data independently about these phenomena, to analyze them statistically and qualitatively, and to apply theories to explain them.  Perhaps most importantly, sociology deepens students’ awareness of the social forces affecting their lives and those of others, enabling them to address a host of social issues critically and constructively.
As a traditional liberal arts major, sociology inspires students to be life-long learners.  As a contemporary, cutting-edge social science, sociology empowers students and prepares them for a rich variety of post-baccalaureate experiences.  Recent graduates from our department have gone on to careers in law, public health, business, teaching, governmental agencies, and non-governmental (non-profit) organizations.  Many have pursued graduate study in some of the foremost sociology departments in the country or have earned advanced degrees in law, criminal justice, public health, nursing, social work, and education, to name but a few.  Still others have undertaken public service in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, City Year, and elsewhere.

A hallmark of the Sociology Department is our sense of community.  From our Peer Academic Coaching (PAC) members to our gatherings with majors through the year to the bonds those majors forge in Senior Coda, Sociology at Skidmore is a welcoming field of study.  It challenges students to look outside themselves, but it also gives students the tools they need to better understand their world and the forces that shape and enframe their lives.

Information and Signatures

Need a signature for declaring a sociology major? Transfer credit? Study abroad? See Professor Xiaoshuo Hou, our department's chair. She handles most departmental matters for students.

Dr. Hou's office is Tisch Learning Center #216. Her email is