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Skidmore College
Sociology Department


The sociology major must successfully complete at least 32 credit hours in sociology, including:

  1. One gateway course: SO 101 or SO 201 or SO 202 or SO 203 or SO 204
  2. Three core courses that prepare sociology majors for the capstone course, SO 375, which is taken in the fall of the senior year, must all be completed by the end of the junior year and must all be taken for a letter grade:
    1. Statistics: SO 226
    2. Methodology: SO 227
    3. Theory: SO 324 or SO 325
  3. One capstone course: SO 375
  4. Elective courses: Additional credits in sociology to achieve the required 32 credits in the major.

WRITING IN THE MAJOR REQUIREMENT: Students will fulfill the writing in the major requirement upon satisfactory completion of SO 375, Senior Seminar in Sociology. Students will learn to:

  1. Apply sociology's writing conventions to their written work, including formulation of a sociological question, appropriate use of sociological concepts, proper organization of research papers, and correct citing and referencing formatting;
  2. Undertake a major writing project that includes discussion of the theoretical perspective(s) guiding the research (including hypotheses derived from the theory), an extensive literature review, a thorough description of quantitative research methods, appropriate presentation and analysis of the data, and conclusions in which the student reflects on the relationship of his or her findings to the theory/theories that guided the research or on their policy implications;
  3. Present a substantial piece of written work that evinces an understanding of proper English grammar, syntax, punctuation, and usage.

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