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Skidmore College
Assessment at Skidmore College

Assessment at Skidmore College

Mapping the Major

Assessment at Skidmore College is designed to help ensure that the mission of the college is being fulfilled: “The college seeks to prepare liberally educated graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens. Skidmore faculty and staff create a challenging yet supportive environment that cultivates students’ intellectual and personal excellence, encouraging them to expand their expectations of themselves while they enrich their academic understanding.”

The faculty and staff at Skidmore College are committed to the ongoing process of assessment of student learning, characterized by the following steps:

  • Define learning outcomes
  • Collect evidence
  • Evaluate evidence
  • Improve programs

The Office of Institutional Research, and the Faculty Assessment Coordinator (Sarah Goodwin) support faculty and administrators in their efforts to conduct assessments and use the results to improve student learning and ensure program quality.

Should you notice any broken links, please send a message to the Coordinator for Institutional Research and Assessment so that they can be repaired.