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Skidmore College
Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment at Skidmore College

Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness

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IPPC Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness (SIE)

Function: To advise the President and members of the IPPC on matters related to institutional effectiveness. The Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness (SIE) also will advise the President and members of the IPPC on assessment of institutional goals as appropriate to each area of the College as they bear on student learning and development and on the fulfillment of standards for accreditation. In fulfilling this function, the SIE will work to ensure that assessment plans are in place, are executed, and are consequential in all areas of the College. The SIE will act as a resource to both the IPPC and all bodies in the College engaged in strategic planning and data-informed decision-making.


  • Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, Co-chair (Academic Affairs)
  • Faculty Director of Assessment, Co-Chair (Academic Affairs)
  • Dean of the Faculty/VPAA -or- Associate Dean of the Faculty (Academic Affairs)
  • Director of Institutional Research (Academic Affairs)
  • Chief Diversity Officer or appropriate designee (President)
  • Representative of Student Affairs in a leadership position (Student Affairs)
  • Representative of Advancement in a leadership position (Advancement)
  • Representative of Special Programs in a leadership position (Special Programs/Academic Affairs)
  • Representative of Admissions & Financial Aid in a leadership position (Admissions & Financial Aid)
  • Representative of Finance and Administration in a leadership position (Finance & Administration)
  • Representative of Communications & Marketing in a leadership position (Communications & Marketing)
  • One student, appointed for a one-year term through an SGA willingness-to-serve process (Students)

Current Members 

SIE Meeting Agendas, Minutes and annual reports


Assessment Subcommittee, 2012-2018

Oversight of assessment was moved from the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP) to the Institutional Policies and Planning Committee (IPPC) in 2012 to better reflect the institutional nature of assessment at Skidmore. A new operating code for the Assessment Subcommittee was adopted at that time.

Assessment Steering Committee, 2008-2011

The Assessment Steering Committee was appointed in September, 2008, by Vice President for Academic Affairs Susan Kress and was a subcommittee of the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP).  The function of the Assessment Steering Committee was to assist the Faculty Assessment Coordinator in the promotion, facilitation, and coordination of efforts in the College-wide assessment of student learning.  The committee referred all policy matters relating to assessment to CEPP for recommendation to the faculty and administration. The main accomplishment of the Assessment Steering Committee during this time was to develop a list of college-wide Goals for Student Learning and Development.

The membership of the Assessment Steering Committee consisted of  four faculty members (one of whom would be the Faculty Assessment Coordinator; another of whom would be a CEPP representative); the Director of Institutional Research (or designee); the Director of First-Year Experience; the Dean of Studies/Director of Student Academic Services; the Director of Career Services; a representative from the Office of Special Programs; and two student representatives.

Members Minutes Annual Reports
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