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Skidmore College

Classics Honors
Performances of Tragedy, Comedy, Epic

Students performing The Spearwives, Spring 2014

The department has sponsored a number of student-led performances of Greek drama—either of pieces drawn from the ancient repertoire of tragedy and comedy, or of original works written, designed, and directed by our students—both usually as the culmination of CC 222 Greek Tragedy or CC 223 Greek and Roman Comedy. The performances showcase our students' theatrical skills either at the end of the fall semester or in the spring as part of the collegewide Academic Festival.

  • Pandora: spring 2018
  • The Squirrels (The Birds): spring 2016
  • The Spearwives: spring 2014
  • Fundrogeny: The Young and the Sexless (Thesmophoriazusae): spring 2013
  • Icarus: spring 2012
  • Kologeros: The Grumpy Old Bastard (Wasps): fall 2009
  • Niobe: fall 2008
  • Sexual Congress (Ecclesiazuasae): fall 2006
  • Medusa: fall 2003
  • Frogs: fall 2002
  • Women of Peraion: spring 2001
  • Lysistrata: spring 2000 (in conjunction with the national The Lysistrata Project)
  • Orpheus: fall 1998

In addition, the department annually hosts Homerathon!, a campuswide reading of Homer's Iliad or Odyssey.