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Skidmore College

Thesis Information

Achilles and AjaxStudents who complete a departmental thesis present their work at the end of their senior year. Thesis students are also encouraged to present their results at the annual collegewide Academic Festival and at the Parilia. 

Recent theses have addressed a broad range of topics:

  • Mary Farrington, "Priestess of Fire"
  • Khang Le, "The Lives of the Caesar: Julius Caesar in Suetonius' and Plutarch's Biographies"
  • Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld, "The Race of Women: Sex, Citizenship, and Obedience on Pericles' Parthenon"
  • Shannon DuBois, "Achilles and the Feminine: Redefining Homer's Hyper-masculine Hero"
  • Elizabeth Kiggins, "On the Implementation of United States Cultural Property Legislation"
  • Dan Moran, "The Panhellenion: Roman Presence in Hadrianic Greece"
  • Andrea Piercy, "The Forge of Hephaestus"
  • Gill Roberts, "A Study of Roman Infamia"
  • Kristina Meinking, "Pagans, Christians, Emperors, and Saints: Architectural Innovation in the Church of San Clemente"
  • Caroline McKenzie, "The Romanization of Britain: Adoption, Assimilation and Cultural Revolution"
  • Jonathan Fry, "Byzantium: The Struggle for Identity"