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Skidmore College
Education Studies

Using Your EDS Degree

EDS degree

Education Studies majors at Skidmore come from a variety of places across the country and world. The department has 100% four year graduation rate and the majors follow a variety of paths after graduation. Graduates may enroll in graduate school, enter the teaching profession, or seek other professional opportunities.

In a survey of graduates from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 cohorts (57% response rate), 90% of respondents were employed with 61% working in grades 1-6 and 28% working in the field ofeducation outside of grades 1-6. 50% of respondents were either enrolled in or had completed a Master’s degree program. The student loan default rate for Skidmore College graduates is 1.4%.

The graduate survey also included a series of questions regarding candidates’ use of strategies, and candidates were asked to rate the degree to which their learning at Skidmore impacted the use of different types of strategies.  Completers were also given the opportunity to add additional comments about their strategy use and their preparation at Skidmore. For example, results of this survey indicated that 100 % of the completers who teach mathematics are using strategies learned at Skidmore to do so.  In addition, 100 % of the completers who teach students from diverse and racial backgrounds report using strategies learned at Skidmore. The comments provided by completers indicate appreciation for the various ways in which completers recognize the effectiveness of their preparation.  Below are some examples of completer comments:

“Skidmore definitely prepared me for all the aspects of my teaching career so far.”


“For me the most predominate skill I learned at Skidmore is classroom management.  I find I’m much more in command of my classes than most of the teachers I work alongside.”


“I learned a lot of skills for approaching effective lesson planning and reaching a variety of learners.”


“A huge thing that I learned while at Skidmore was professionalism.  We were taught how and expected to be professional in our junior block and student teaching placements and that has had a lasting impact on me now.”