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Skidmore College
Education Studies

Student Learning Goals

Department’s current goals for students’ learning:

  • Students will understand the history of schooling in the United States, the intersection between social identities and schooling, and the creation and presence of structural advantage and disadvantage in the institutions of schooling.
  • Students will learn and enact teaching practices premised on constructivism and social justice.
  • Students will demonstrate content knowledge of the elementary subjects to be taught.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of child development theories and cognitive learning theories to inform planning for instruction.
  • Student will develop and demonstrate pedagogical knowledge in mathematics, literacy, social studies, science, health, and technology.
  • Students will develop a range of instructional methods and ability to differentiate instruction based on student needs.
  • Students will analyze data (individual, aggregate, disaggregate by sub-group) to identify areas of understanding and misunderstanding in order to plan instruction and assessment targeting the needs of elementary students.
  • Students will develop a reflective stance toward learning and teaching, which will culminate in student teaching planning based on instruction, assessment, and feedback from mentor teachers and college supervisors.
  • Students will understand professional ethics, obligations, expectations, standards and dispositions (self-directed learning, a tolerance of ambiguity, patience, collaboration, acceptance and equity, and reflective practice) necessary in teaching.