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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC - MINUTES  -- Wednesday, November 11, 1998


Michael Arnush, Sue Bender, Phil Boshoff, Steve Hoffman, Allison Kupfer, Emily Levy, Chris McGrath, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald.

The Meeting began at 9:00 am, President's Conference Room

The Council approved the minutes for the previous meeting.

  1. Overseas Study:

    • Opportunities for Honors Forum students planning to study Abroad:

      • Students may nominate a course to the Honors Council with appropriate Skidmore faculty support.

      • The Skidmore faculty member to be responsible for grading

      • Prior to departure, students agree to the contents of a portfolio, which must receive approval from a faculty member.

  2. Course Proposal to CEPP:

    • HF271/272: Honors Independent Study

      • For Fall '99

      • An independent research or project opportunity for qualified first year or sophomore members of the Honors Forum.

      • The Honors Independent Study may not be substituted for available honors courses.

      • The Honors Council will have ground rules for the students proposing independent studies.

    • Course and Catalogue Revisions

      • HF100/200/300: Honors Project

      • Rationale: On a limited basis, the Honors Council will entertain proposals from an honors Forum Student and his or her instructor for a special project within a regular course offering at the 100/200 or 300 level.

    • Michael will do a final draft to be submitted to CC.

  3. Andrew Cencini's proposal for Independent Study:

The Council was unclear as to why other Honors courses weren't pursued by Andrew, and so the proposal is still under review.
The meeting was adjourned at 10.00 am - next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 18 at 9am, PCR.