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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Honors Forum Council Meeting  -- Friday, October 8, 1999


Michael Arnush, Sue Bender, Phil Boshoff, Katie Cella, Kim Helms, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald


Tabitha Orthwein, Ruth Copans


Jon laid out the short and long term Communications agenda as follows:

  • The HF Brochure: projected deadline for a revamped HF brochure tentatively set for May 1. Jon gave an overview of ideas for the new brochure. Issues to be considered for this as well as other Communications projects are cost and oversight of the production of these materials. Should Admissions share the expense for the brochure? Jon will prepare a Communications Budget Plan.

  • Logo: Media Services currently has the logo and will make it available to us as soon as possible.

  • Web site: needs direction

  • Handbook: Michael proposes to create an HF Handbook for the student and faculty, including curricular and co-curricular requirements, overseas and independent study opportunities, etc.

  • Correspondence with other Colleges: we should pull together an attractive informational packet that will go out to other Colleges and respond to requests for information; plans to have something in place by the January AAC&U panel (Amelia, Sue, Michael).

  • Alumni outreach- Michael, Amelia & two students will attend an Alumni Board meeting October 30th to find ways to collaborate with the Board and the Student Alumni Association

  • College publications need to begin including references to HF on a regular basis (i.e., to events, student accomplishments, new courses) and provide more consistent attention to the HF and its place at Skidmore. The College catalog should also include more than a passing reference to the Forum; questions arose concerning whether it should be presented as a separate academic program, or as embedded within each department, or in some other way.

  • Newsletter - spring 2000 newsletter in the works- content designed for both internal & external audiences. College Relations will pull together the newsletter with considerable input from the Council (Jon and Ruth). Newsletter will include articles by faculty and students on events present & future, photos, student research and other projects, student profiles, a director's column, etc. Putting an editorial staff in place to manage all of this would be ideal - possibly an internship opportunity. The newsletter staff could be independent of but advised by the HFC.

  • Bulletin- HF students would oversee this internal newsletter that will focus on student activities, accomplishments, events, etc.


The Council discussed the need for HF Academic Council Representative Zeyno Barnes to focus on developing a positive and lasting relationship with SGA. Co-sponsorship of SGA events is an opportunity to extend our participation in the larger student community. Zeyno will draft a letter to SGA president describing our interest and potential role in events.

Establishing HF Grants

The Council discussed the desire to procure and distribute grant money earmarked for senior capstone projects or HF proposals in general. Possible conflict with already existing Student Opportunity Funds. The Council considered possible sources for the funds, the quantity needed, the need for a review committee, the administration of the funds and other related issues. The creation of an HF endowment for student development could help to address the overwhelming volume of requests now submitted for Student Opportunity Funds.