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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC MINUTES  -- March 22, 1999


Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Katie Cella, Fran Hoffmann, Emily Levy, Rory McVeigh, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald.


Chris McGrath

The meeting began at 9:00am, Faculty/Staff Club.

The Minutes were read and approved by the Council.

1. Announcement:

  • Michael Arnush to meet with the new incoming President, Jamie Studley - (any issues or concerns should be forwarded to Michael via email).

2. Funding Policy draft to be revised by Anita and Jon.

  • Discussion on the purpose - The Honors Forum has a modest budget to support/co-sponsor activities, events and projects that contribute to the intellectual quality of life on campus.  The Honors Forum expects that all co-curricular programs that it supports will promote the mission and goals of the Forum to its members and/or the College community at-large.

  • Criteria and procedures - requests for programming funds are reviewed and decided upon by the Honors Council.  Co-sponsorship support is determined on the basis of program merit, demonstrated need and availability of Honors Forum resources at the time of the request.

  • Review Process - Requests for Honors Forum Programming Funds should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance of the program date.  All proposals should be submitted to:  Michael Arnush, Chair, Honors Forum Council.

    • types of expenses:

      • Honors students planning major events

      • Faculty request for honors events, e.g. Field trip,

      • One major Honors event per semester

3. Upcoming Events:

  • 3/29/99 Greenhouse opening 'Mysteries of Amazonian Herbal Medicine: Voyages of Discovery from the Jungle to the Lab" by Dr. Mark Miller.

  • Pre-registration late March early April.  All Honors Forum members are allowed to pre-register for one Honors course. HFC faculty members will be available for advising.

Honors students who which to do an independent study in Honors or will be overseas in the fall and wish to designate a course as Honors should speak with Michael Arnush or Jon Ramsey.

- 4/14/99 - Gallery Talk with Ellen Levy, Saisselin Bldg.

- Accepted Candidates Days - 4/16, 19 & 23.

- 4/15/99 Dinner, Theater and Discussion, 6 - 10 pm - The Surrey Inn. The evening begins with dinner and pre-theater discussion with Carolyn Anderson, Chair of Theater Department, continues with a viewing of the spring theatre production, "The Skin of our Teeth".

- 4/23/99 - Honors Art History Symposium (Amelia Rauser)

4:30 - 6:30 pm - The Surrey Inn. Students pairs will offer a comparative analysis of the difference between an object they have researched in its original context of display (i.e., an African mask as used in a performance), versus its

current display in a museum.  "The Object in Context".

- 4/28-29 - Academic Festival

Michael reported that we have 28 submissions for the Festival.

- 4/29/99 - Honors Convocation

- 5/5/99  - Picnic and tour at the Saratoga Battlefield

- 5/17/99 - Honors Forum Summer Workshop - The Surrey Inn.

Discussion on visible recognition for Honors Forum students who are graduating seniors.

Other issues for Fall '99

- restructuring of the Honors Forum Council

- second opportunity for students to re-apply to the forum

The Meeting adjourned at 10:00am, next meeting April 5, 1999.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amelia Clarke