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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC Meeting Monday January 24th


Ruth Copans, Anita Steigerwald, Phil Boshoff, Kim Helms, Michael Arnush, Sue Bender, Tina Levith (for Jon Ramsey), Francesca Cichello. Amelia Rauser, Katie Cella


Jon Ramsey

Review of January 17th minutes - Approved

HF 101: Concluded discussion of 101. Collective effort to draft 101 description to include suggested readings, level of student involvement, Liberal Arts education text rather than LS (summer) reading. Ruth to draft library research component. Phil mentioned that we would need to rethink Victor Cahn's role in the proposal. Jon and Michael to finalize the collective work on proposal for approval by HFC then onto Curriculum Committee.

HF 301: Sue and Jon to draft proposal for Spring 2001. They will solicit feedback from students in the Forum as they design the course. Sept.15 deadline.

Fall Curriculum: Michael asked Department chairs to please try and anticipate any possible HF courses for the fall- there has been no feedback yet.

Possible new course proposals include: Jill Sweet (AN), Beau Breslin and Steve Hoffmann (GO), Nicola Denzey (RE). Sue to follow up with Roy Rotheim on a proposal from Mark Youndt and/or Mary Correa (BU).

HF Spring induction: 2003 Dean's List will be used to invite membership to HF. Induction dinner tentatively planned for February 28th at 5:30. Zander Barron and TBA faculty speaker proposed for the induction program.

Newsletter: Students' articles due by February 28th. Ruth to pursue requests for faculty submissions, (Barbara Black, Ralph Ciancio, Linda Simon, Michael Ennis-McMillan).

Admissions: HF will participate in accepted candidates day by making themselves (faculty & students) available for lunch with the incoming students on the following dates: April 14, 17 & 24.

HF students will also host candidates who visit on non-program days. Host list of HF and faculty students will be generated for admissions.

Events: Francesca to draft a Seminar schedule in addition to the existing scheduled Spring events. Events flyer to be finalized, approved by Amelia and sent out to HF students & faculty.

Other notes:

Anita will open next meeting with discussion of leadership issues.

Subcommittee on curriculum formed to review Amanda Weyerbacher, Sarah Hougen & Adam Abromowitz F99 course work or S00 proposals.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Burnham, Secretary