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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC Minutes -- February 14, 2000


Sue Bender, Jon Ramsey, Ruth Copans, Amelia Rauser, Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Anita Steigerwald & Kim Helms


Tabitha Orthwein, Francesca Cichello & Katie Cella

Review of past minutes- Approved

Announce Phil Boshoff as interim Director of HF beginning Spring 2001

Curriculum: Overseas proposal reviews not yet in by faculty. Dance 230 proposal outstanding- all others approved

Disqualifications reviewed again- probation letter to be drafted & sent as well as disqualification letters out.

Induction: 38 applications to HF - deadline extended to 2/14. Applications to be reviewed by subcommittee of Amelia, Michael & Phil. Induction Dinner scheduled for Wednesday March 1st from 6:30-8:15. Faculty keynote speaker to be determined.

Nominees for faculty speaker: Linda Simon, Ralph Ciancio, Michael Ennis-McMillan, Barry Goldensohn, Dan Hurwitz & Frank Gonzalez.


Spring 2000 flyer to be finalized & sent out this week.

Michael to represent HF in a discussion of reconfiguration organized by SGA.

Discussion on current events in Austria with Roy Ginsberg to include HF representatives.


Past strategy of purchasing books by current faculty and past speakers, determined to be too cost prohibitive. Other ways of stocking the shelves- announcement that we are accepting donated books. A discussion on Security issues was prompted by the fact that the one book that was purchased for the lounge is gone.

Newsletter & brochure: Articles submitted by Zeyno Barnes, Michael Ennis-McMillan, Lynne Gelber, Rachel Burrows, Barbara Black & Amelia Rauser.

Due to excessive cost to the program, the newsletter will be done in-house. Articles to be edited by Jon & Phil.

Leadership: Francesca, Allison, Zeyno & Anita met to discuss leadership in the Forum. Overall there is a great feeling of dedication to the Forum. The three students are willing to help promote events as opportunities to socialize in an intellectual environment. The committee structure would benefit from reorganization- there are not enough people involved in promoting HF. Also- getting the first year students on board right away is crucial.

Loose discussion of critiquing courses. Assessment of HF courses- revisit the evaluation form- is it telling the faculty what they need to know in terms of strengths and weaknesses of the course in addition to how "honors" the course was.