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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Honors Forum Service Requirement Faculty Sponsorship

Dear Faculty Member,

As a condition of membership in the Honors Forum, each member, must complete a Service Requirement before the end of his or her junior year.  These projects highlight students' intellectual and civic commitments.  A student has asked you to endorse their project proposal as part of its submission to the Honors Forum Citizenship Committee.  Please review the questions below and decide if you are able to endorse the proposal.  If not, please provide advice to the student so that he or she can revise their proposal and resubmit it.

Thank you for your time.

Honors Forum Citizenship Committee 

Service Requirement Proposal Review Criteria

  • Does the proposal clearly identify a community need and state why it is important?

  • Is the community need defined with reference to academic scholarship?  (Has the student demonstrated an academic understanding of the issue?)

  • Does the project respond clearly to that need?  Is it a step (even if small) toward meeting that need?

  • Did the student provide any research evidence that supports this kind of project?  Is there evidence that this approach will be effective?

  • Is the project feasible?  Is it creative?  Is it ambitious?