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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Pre-Registration Course Request Form

As you may have noted in the Honors Forum flyers sent out with other Registration materials, Honors Forum members have the opportunity to pre-register for a space in an Honors course prior to regular Registration. Preregistration will guarantee you a space in one Honors Forum course only. 

Please submit this form by the Friday before the start of Registration. Note that requests turned in after the deadline will not be processed, but course selections can then be made at registration. You may make changes to your course at registration on a space available basis. Please note your first and second choices for Honors Forum courses and check the Master Schedule for course meeting times to be sure that you do not have a conflict.

Enter the course number and title of your first preference.
Enter the course number and title of your second preference.
Is there anything else we'll need to know in order to make a selection? If so, please note it as well.