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Standardized Tests

MCAT for Medical Schools (M.D. and D.O. Programs)

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) runs the MCAT.  The MCAT covers material from General Chemistry (CH 125 or CH 126), Introductory Biology (BI 107 and BI 108), Organic Chemistry (CH 221 and CH 222), Biochemistry (CH 341 and CH 342), and Physics (PY 130 and PY 140 or PY 207 and PY 208) that are often pre-requisites for admission to a number of medical schools. Note-not all topics are covered in the courses (e.g., introductory (100-level, 2-3 weeks of material) genetics in the biology courses and optics (2-3 weeks of materials) in the Physics courses). You will need to self-study or take a course. Please discuss with your HPAC advisor. In addition, the MCAT covers material from Introductory Behavioral Science (PS 101 or NS 101) and Introductory Social Science (SO 101, AN 101, or SW 212) courses. Some students self-study for these sections and others choose to take classes. Once again, please discuss with your HPAC advisor. The MCAT also tests critical analysis and reading skills. Please discuss with your HPAC advisor how to develop these skills.

The AAMC webpage has the most up-to-date information including:

MCAT Test Prep Companies & Resources

Note – HPAC does not promote, sponsor, endorse, or recommend any test preparation company. We are making information easily available so you can critically evaluate and make the best decision for you.

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