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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

HeaderThe Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges is thrilled to be launching a Global Conversations Series this fall.


This monthly lecture series will bring together Skidmore campus-based faculty and experts and faculty and experts from our international programs and partners, with the aim of providing truly global, substantive, faculty-led discussions regarding current issues and challenges that we all grapple with. There is an urgent need to hold these converstations and educate each other of our respective realities; yet currently, our students, faculty and staff have limited mobility and restricted ability to engage with the outside world face-to-face. We hope that OCSE's Global Conversations will provide an opportunity for intercultural discourse and debate. 

Our Global Conversations each will include three speakers, one/two from Skidmore and one/two from our overseas partners, will last for one hour, will be virtual over Zoom, and will focus on a current concern or issue facing three different countries or regions. Each speaker will present their local, national, or regional perspective.  The three speakers will provide discussion among themselves, and then there will be time for Q&A. 



The first topic we will tackle is “Black Lives Matter around the Globe”. This Global Conversation will take place on September 17, 2020 from 2:00-3:00 pm via ZoomThe program is co-sponsored by Black Studies and Skidmore in Spain. 

We welcome the following guest speakers who will discuss their work on Black Lives Matter.

  • Professor Winston Grady-Willis, PhD. Founding director of Black Studies at Skidmore College. Professor Grady-Willis has supported, in principle, the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and continues to engage in intersectional teaching, research and activism that affirm Black lives globally.
  • Professor Esther (Mayoko) Ortega, PhD. Associate Professor in Skidmore in Spain program. Professor Ortega teaches and researches on Critical Studies on Race, Gender and Sexuality, as well as, researching on Social Studies of Science especially focused on the intersections of gender, race and biomedine. Currently, she is part of the queer-feminist-antiracist movement in Madrid (Spain) in “Espacio Afrofeminista con Conciencia-Afro”.  Beginning in 2020, Professor Ortega will teach a course on Black Lives Matter in Spain for the Skidmore in Spain program.
  • Professor Rachel Cantave, PhD. Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Skidmore College. Professor Cantave’s research explores the relationship between morality, race, religion, and political values within multi-faith Afro-Brazilian communities in Northeastern Brazil. Through her research, she has supported the work of black Brazilian religious activists and scholars.

"Mindfulness in Times of Crisis"

Details coming soon!