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Skidmore College
Skidmore in New Zealand

Housing & Meals

Accommodations at the University

University of Canterbury

Skidmore in New Zealand students are housed at Ilam Apartments. Students have their own room in a fully furnished apartment. Ilam apartments are located on campus and adjacent to large playing fields. On campus recreation center is included. All apartments are self-catered, meaning you will cook for yourself. Skidmore students will receive a meal stipend to cover the costs of food. 

Field Camp

During field camp, students live in a variety of field stations, lodges, and marae (traditional Maori meeting houses). These facilities are generally bunk style accommodation with two to four students sharing a room. Large living quarters, great rooms, and study halls are the norm. Internet access is limited. Meals are prepared by the camp cooks! While evenings are generally filled with office work, there is ample time to relax in these amazing locales. The itinerary for field camp will vary so please refer to the pre-departure Field Guide provided by Frontiers Abroad for detailed information.